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The Queendom – Goddess Nyx Ass Is Dangerous Part 2


All he wants out of life is to be buried beneath big, soft, female butts.  The problem is that he also wants to breathe and continue living, something he simply can’t do when his face is covered by ass!  Fortunately, Goddess Nyx is here to help jimmy learn the error of his ways!In their first session, Goddess Nyx ass-smothered jimmy nearly to the point of .  This time Nyx won’t be so merciful!  Its clear to Her that jimmy needs a stronger lesson and this time She WILL put him to rest!  “You are going to get fucking squished no matter what!”  Nyx shouts as jimmy struggles beneath Her massive ass.  “… if you, I don’t give a fuck!  I will wake you back up every time to destroy you!”Its clear from the start that Goddess Nyx is NOT fucking around!  She sits reverse the entire time and keeps Jimmy’s face buried in Her big, glorious ass!  Jimmy’s face turns purple, the veins on his forehead bulge, he kicks and struggles against his restraints, but he’s helpless beneath Goddess Nyx.  She’s intent on showing jimmy just how dangerous ass can be and She doesn’t hold back!  “It will never be good.  For someone like you, a little tiny man like you this will never be good!  It will only be suffering!”  She demonstrates Her point by bouncing and grinding Her ass on jimmy’s tiny head!  “Ass is pain for you, nothing else!”  Goddess Nyx is going to make sure jimmy learns that today!Think you want a life as Goddess Nyx’s smother slave?!?  See for yourself what 17 minutes of that life might be like and stay tuned for part 3…

Date: May 15, 2023
Actors: Goddess Nyx