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The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Princess Amber – Pre-Production Meeting With Platinum And Amber (1080 HD)


This is just some sort of behind-the-scenes footage of me n my aunt Platinum getting ready before a shoot at our new place. We are doing our makeup and discussing what we plan on doing to the slaves today. Like, how repulsed we are by them, how pathetic we think they are, laughing at them for being just blatantly used like this, and also just bouncing ideas off of each other about what we can do to them in our clips today that will make US the most money!!We are using one of our regular slaves as a step-stool and bench while we do our makeup and discuss our ideas for the day… Seriously though, these idiots really ARE like nothing more than objects for us to use however we see fit.

Date: March 31, 2023