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The Mean Girls – Goddess Platinum, Mistress Dandy – Beta Beats It for Brutal Brats


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, the Mean Girls allowing a slave to beat off while We watch and tease it mercilessly… What do you think earned this young beta bitch the honor of getting to pull its worthless cock in front of Myself and Miss Dandy? Whatever the reason, this pathetic young bitch was in such a state of bliss that it took to stroking its cock with both hands as if it thought it was unwinding a fire hose… (though sadly this thing nowhere near the length of a firehose to be working with…) As it kept stroking, Dandy and I teased it repeatedly with Our asses, feet, and verbal barbs until it was on the edge of spurting… Do you think We let it? And what do you think happened to the load if it dod find its way out of its cock? Get the clip and find out loser.

Date: May 10, 2023