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The English Mansion – Miss Ruby Marks, Tiffany Real Doll – Chastising The Bratty PA Pt1 Part 1 – Sissy sluts


The boss of a successful female owned organization, Miss Ruby Marks, only allows males to apply for a position if they are willing to go through her strict and rigorous transformation program. This includes breast augmentation, hair removal, facial and body sculpting until they become the perfect bimbo doll, far away from their old life. Tiffany was once an average male who jumped at the opportunity to become a new person and has been working as Miss Marks’s PA for a couple of years. Unfortunately, she has recently let the new found attention and good looks go to her head, her work is slacking off and Ruby decides to bring her swiftly back in line. She knows exactly how to break the bratty personal assistant, with the appropriate punishment and reward training, a journey of discovery, retribution and redemption that Tiffany will be led on.

Date: April 19, 2023