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Talia Tate – Premature Ejaculator Punishment


A little two pump chump like you deserves to be punished for being such a sexual failure. I mean it’s so pathetic how easily you release, and it’s essentially ruined any chance at a successful sex life for you. So I think you deserve what I’ve got in store for you today. No, I don’t want to regress you in age or anything like that. This is purely about. I want you to strap these big fluffy underpants on to help with your premature problem, that way you can stay clean and leak free all the time. Who knows when that overly sensitive cock could just erupt and release nasty, sticky fluid all over?! These crinkly, bulging underpants will surely help with any wet dreams you’ve been having too. You’ll wear them all the time, filling them with your continuous quick releases and I’ll be provided a bit of humiliating entertainment at your expense!

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Talia Tate