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Subby Hubby – Goddess Dava, Goddess Brianna – Bring Home Slaves Part 3: Chindo Slave


The guys are now on the floor on their knees with their hands behind their backs, like good slaves. They have a much better attitude now! The slaves are realizing that they won’t be going to “pound town” tonight, at least not the way they thought. The slaves have been so good that they are given the privilege of worshipping their Goddess’ pussies. Goddess Brianna’s slave is doing his job well but Dava’s pathetic bitch strikes out at the pussy. Since he sucks at eating pussy, Dava reaches over and grabs a dildo gag and shoves it in the bitch’s mouth. If he can’t please Dava with his mouth then he will do with a chindo. Goddess Dava will get off though! At least the slave knows how to fuck with a dildo gag. Both Goddesses scream in pleasure as their slaves please them. This night just keeps getting better!

Date: April 10, 2023