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Stella Liberty – Andrea Untamed, Jazmin Wu – Breaking in Our Latex While Breaking Your Body


Miss Andrea Untamed and Empress Jazmin Wu have just updated their latex wardrobes and always like to test out the new pieces on their slave. As he lays on the floor they laugh at him and dominate him with their feet and remind him that they don’t even like him. Then they take turns smothering the breath out of his pathetic body with their precious asses. Making him struggle for air they laugh and make fun of how pathetic he his. They use him as human furniture and make sure he won’t enjoy any of it. They are only interested in using him for their own amusement. Andrea can’t resist kicking his nuts while Jazmin sits on his face. They switch back and forth just enjoying the chance to drip their latex sweat all over him while dominating him.

Date: April 7, 2023