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Queen Carmella – Yes Princess


Programmed to please princess. Programmed to only say the words “yes, princess”. Programmed to ONLY prioritize my financial pleasure, gain, and luxuries, because it is the only way you would ever be existent to me, and even then, that relies on how much you actually pay me. You strive for greatness and approval from your greedy little brat. The crown I am wearing is just so fitting! Greedy and spoiled, my desires only intensify and I WILL get what I want off of weak, broken men like you. Just admit how much you love young, spoiled mean girls, and how much you love emptying your wallet for them! This is the ultimate FEMDOM BRAT clip, and if this doesn’t trigger and break you into financial submission, nothing will!

Date: April 2, 2023
Actors: Queen Carmella