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Queen Carmella – Show Me How Gay You Are


Always so much talk. You can’t stop talking about it. How much cocks turn you on, how often you stroke to them, how curious you are about men lately. You’re eager to tell me all about your cock infatuation and how men are turning you on lately. You always ask me if you should do it, and I know you know what my answer will be. All talk and no action isn’t very appealing to me. I only get off on you ACTUALLY showing me how gay you are. I mean, you claim that I have completely converted you, so where’s the in-person proof? there are so many tools to get it nowadays, you don’t have any excuse but your own egos and fears getting in the way. Do those things really matter at this point? when you talk so much about it, it’s time to actually put action to the words, The feelings will never fade. Only grow stronger!

Date: May 22, 2023
Actors: Queen Carmella