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Queen Carmella – Deconstructing Your Ego


Too much EGO is the bane of a man’s existence. It’s a barrier from him melting and fully submitting in the presence of a powerful goddess woman, reaching his true potential, and engaging in his true desires. Although it’s not a challenge to break your fragile male ego, I get pleasure out of nibbling away at it, as I will in this clip. Reminding you of what it is and what’s stopping you, yet encouraging you to trust me enough to throw it away. To work on your ego is to trust your goddess to take you over. You will not have control over the things you once thought you did. Instead, you hand every last morsel of power to me, leaving you with the reliance of your goddess to guide you, lead you, teach you, train you, and MOLD you into exactly what you should be, without all of that male pride in the way, and that is when you find your true purpose.

Date: May 13, 2023
Actors: Queen Carmella