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PureCFNM – The IT Geek


Nicola is holding a meeting with her all female team to discuss next year’s fashion trends. The geek from the computer department comes in to fix her laptop during the meeting and soon gets distracted as the girls stand up and show off their skirts and discuss the cut and fabric. Watching these sexy asses wiggle around soon has the geek reaching for his groin but when Tammie catches him playing with himself all hell breaks loose! The girls are furious that he has interrupted their meeting and decide to teach him a lesson. The five of them gang up and start ripping his clothes off until he is naked, laughing at him and saying they bet he has never had a girlfriend. As he lies there naked on the table, the play with his cock and laugh at how excited he has got. When he tells them he likes it rough the girls find it hysterical how hard they can wank him. After a while it all gets too much and he explodes all over himself before the girls leave the geek covered in his own cum and go off to find a new meeting room.

Date: April 27, 2023