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Purecfnm – Lucy Lee, Sandra DiMarco – Groping The Maid


Nicolas is watching television when the maid comes in to clean. She looks very sexy and he can see up her skirt when she bends over. He reaches out a hand and touches her ass – just as his wife walks in and catches him! She tells the maid to go upstairs and fetch her strap-on from the bedroom and Nicolas’s eyes light up as he thinks he is going to have a threesome with the two girls. But when the maid returns, his wife tells her to put on the strap-on and Nicolas realises that it is him who is going to get fucked. The girls bend him over and Nicolas’ wife tells the maid to fuck her husband up the ass as punishment for his infidelity. Nicolas feels humiliated as his wife laughs watching the servant girl fucking his asshole. His wife then sits on his face and reaches forward so she can stroke his cock. The girls then turn him over onto all fours and the maid again fucks his asshole while his wife milks his cock until he cums all over the sofa!

Date: April 5, 2023