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Purecfnm – Annabelle, Red – Little Chef


Two waitresses are getting pushed around by an egotistical chef and soon have enough and accuse him of having “small cock syndrome”. He denies it and claims he has a huge dick but the girls aren’t so sure and start poking the front of his trousers. He tells them to stop but they do the opposite and pull his trousers down and laugh at the lack of a bulge. They look inside his pants and laugh at the tiny worm they find inside. The girls were expecting a python but its just a little maggot. As they pull his underwear down and laugh at his cock, Red compares it with a teaspoon – which is bigger! She whacks his cock with the spoon to see if it gets a reaction and then the girls get their tits out while they stroke him and he soon start to get excited – but not much bigger. As he cums, Red cups her hand in front of his dick to see how much he produces and the girls giggle at his tiny load.

Date: April 4, 2023
Actors: Annabelle / Red