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PsychoThrillers – Mahina Zaltana – Man Eater 6


A woman picks up a man, brings him back to her place, ties him up and sucks and fucks him to the point where he is craving more affection from her. She gives him what he wants and more…a fatal hand strangle where she leverages all her weight onto his frail throat pipe while fucking his throbbing hard cock and trapping the blood flow so that his cock remains hard between her tightly clenched pussy lips even after death. She sucks and strokes his cock, kindling what little stimulation remains and, as his body tension relaxes, the semen boiling for freedom within his aching balls finally spurts upward and out and she milks it out all over his midsection, admiring his final body twitches before she exits her room of death.

Date: May 9, 2023
Actors: Mahina Zaltana