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PrincessCin – Submit to Me, Join My Empire


You’re urge to serve me will never come to an end. Your attraction to young, beautiful Princess Cindy will never fade, because you know that whenever I’ll send the slightest sign of attention your way, you’ll be there,waiting on all fours for your next commend on how to satisfy and amuse me.Being a good boy for me is everything you could ever hope to be.Hearing those words come out of my mouth, knowing you, and a bunch of other betas over the globe are working twice as hard just to contribute to princesses Empire. Wouldn’t you like to find the right position for you, in My army, beta?Whether you’re rich enough to satisfy me, or too broke to even consider contacting me anyone can contribute to my luxurious lifestyle as long as you’re eager to SERVE.There’s even a FREE money making task for the real broke biches out there.Good luck 😉

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Princess Cindy