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Princess Miki – Clean up for Me and Alpha, cucky maid


There’s something wrong here, isn’t it? Me, in a maid costume. Hah, I never have to clean for Myself ever — I’m a Princess, I have slaves do it for me. Could it be for role-play with Alpha? I guess it could be, but I’m not really into the whole French maid thing. So why am I wearing this? Well, speaking of Alpha, he’s coming over tonight, and we’re going to make a little sex tape. Well, not little, actually: I want it to be spectacular. We’re going to fuck in every corner of the house. This is where you come in: I’m wearing this outfit more for a demonstration. This is what you’re going to wear today as you clean the house all day in preparation for our filming. Yes, I want the house absolutely immaculate, clutter-free, and you’re going to look cute while you’re doing such. I want you to get down on your knees, scrubbing the floor with your tongue. And look, a cute little feather duster for you, too. Oh, I know you can’t see the little details on film, but while you’re here, we might as well utilize you to the fullest, right? You can even stay while we’re filming! In the closet, of course, along with the cleaning supplies you used. Because you’re just our little cleaning product, haha. Oh, but you will be able to come out again, because we’ll need you. After he cums, I have one more thing you need to clean. Yes, My pussy! How lucky are you?! As a reward for your patience and good work, you can suck out his cum out of My pussy. Make it all nice and clean and immaculate, just like the rest of the house. Be My good little cleanup cuck. Aww, you’re going to look so cute doing this!

Date: April 1, 2023
Actors: Princess Miki