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Princess Enola – Head Scissor Virgin – No Mercy Head Scissor To My Boyfriend, More Than 8 Kos And Different Locks With Legs


Well… as you know He is not used to have his neck squeezed ! So his is a VIRGIN!!! On scissorholds. I decided to gave him a nice lesson. So I told him to wait for me with blindfold on his eyes to receive a massage on his back. I started slowly massaging his neck and shoulders so he get relaxed and then I crossed my legs on his head and told him that I got him and we were going to play my game :p!I started very soft with a frontal scissor hold not squeezing to much just to try his resistance then I squeezed harder with the first one and in 5 seconds he was getting resting, that was really fast … Wisping so hard.(1) I kept going, he tried to resist and didn’t tap until he was so red, he was trying to show me he wasn’t week … But it didn’t work lol. At the third time he was so disoriented and was begging to stop. So I tried another lock called a FIGURE 4, this way I lock his neck harder and just pull my leg to squeeze easily, he started making funny noises while I was pressing then he fall resting without tapping! he couldn’t even tap! and begged me again to let him go rest. I tried another figure 4 to the other side, he was feeling the pressure even without pulling my leg this time his FACE WAS GETTING SO READ and then he fall resting and he was really disoriented, I told him to take a deep breath so I can keep playing with him … I did a frontal one and he started to breath very hard and making a lot of funny noises lol! Then he was KO again and again!!! This was brutal and I loved it. I tried with both sides too with he’s neck on the sofa and I made him rest again! It was so addictive for me I kept going! and then I did it backward with his head on my butt and this time he felt down very very fast! He was begging me to stop so many times so I gave him an ultimatum, if he beg again I will make it even harder for him … So he tried to relax and I kept going as I wanted until he was useless to keep going! He was in another planet!

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Princess Enola