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Princess Brook – Dehumanized In Mud


Cretin is my most idiotic slave. He’s a useful idiot! I start off by forcing him to lick a tractor tyre. The are is almost as tall as him! I rub my horse whip up the crack of his dirty ass while he licks the dirty tyre for me. Then I drag him over to the nearest puddle and tell him to get down and wash his face in it! I whip his ass as he rubs his face win the deep muddy puddle! I hold his head in, and force him to lick the muddle cuddle water up for me! CRETIN YOU’RE AN IDIOT! I whip his daft ass as he washes his face and hair in the filthy water. Then I take him over to a mound of mud and gras and humiliate him further, forcing him to rub mud into his face while I whip his ass! I force him to crawl up the mound and to eat the grass for me, like the dumb cattle he is. I feed him muddy grass roots by hand, and treat him like the idiot he is! I take him around the yard, forcing him to eat mud while I humiliate him. COMPLETE AND UTTER KNOB HEAD!

Date: April 20, 2023
Actors: Princess Brook