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Petite Princess – The Submissive Guy Kneels In Front of The Goddess Kira and Serves Here Foot – Sucks Toes and Licks Her Feet


Proud and narcissistic Goddess Kira in sexy latex pants does a manicure while her feet are kissed by a slave. In fact, this submissive guy is incredibly lucky to be worthy to lick such lovely and sweet feet. Goddess Kira has well-groomed feet and toes with a beautiful pedicure. Therefore, the slave sucks with great pleasure every finger of her divine feet. The Mistress loves to put all her toes deep into the slave’s mouth at once so that he sucked the leg until it shines. Kira stretches the slave’s mouth with her big toes and spits into his mouth. And for a slave, her saliva is the tastiest thing he has ever swallowed in his life.

Date: May 10, 2023
Actors: Goddess Kira