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Penny Barber – Sexy Neighbor Diapers You


I’ve been in the neighborhood for a while now, but this is the first time you’ve ever actually come over. I see you all the time, so it’s nice to finally connect! Plus I’m home on my own most of the day. I guess I’m a housewife, but I’m not really into cooking or cleaning. I don’t shop much. Honestly I’m a little bored, so having you over is super exciting for me! Except—do you hear that noise? That sort of…crinkle? Oh my god. Are you wearing a diaper?! That’s so…hot! It looks a little wet, though. Do you think that I could change you? Is that weird? What if it makes me super horny and I just want to play with my pussy, then jerk you off into your wet diaper? Because that’s exactly what I’m doing!Penny Barber is your hot neighbor. Sort of a bored housewife, she’s thrilled to have someone to talk to. When she hears the crinkle of your wet diaper, all propriety goes out the window and she can’t help but give you a sexual diaper change. She also talks about sissifying you, taking you shopping on her workaholic husband’s credit card. Hopefully you’re ready to be a diapered sex toy. Even though Penny’s shy, she’s so sexy in her tight little dress—and out of it!—that you can’t really say no to any of her dirty, kinky suggestions.

Date: May 15, 2023
Actors: Penny Barber