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Mistress Vixen – Mandatory Cruelty Part 1


In part one of the video Mistress Vixen attaches a spiked sheath to her slaves cock and a spiked parachute is secured to the slave’s balls.Every gram pulling those spikes deeper into his balls. Mistress Vixen always likes to use slave’s bodies against them, she knows how to make the slave madly aroused, she stands astride his cock so it is separated from her glorious pussy by less than a millimetre of fabric, now she tenses her powerful thighs driving the spikes of his sheath savagely into his cock. Before cropping the slave’s ass Mistress Vixen lifts the weights to ease his suffering, then drops them which elicits some nice groans of suffering.

Date: April 2, 2023
Actors: Mistress Vixen