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Mistress Lady Ashley – Ridiculed for stealing panties


Miss Lady Ashley is off out to a party and shall be leaving her slave locked in a cage until she returns. Mistress teases him with a pair of her worn panties but decides he isn’t worthy of worshipping them so leaves them out of his reach. As Mistress leaves, the disobedient slave reveals a key he’d managed to get hold of, lets himself out of his cage and takes Mistress’ panties before locking himself back in. Mistress comes back in as she’s forgotten her bag and is shocked to see the panties have disappeared from where she left them. Upon questioning the slave, Mistress uncovers the truth and she is certainly not impressed! Miss Lady Ashley is certainly not a woman you want to disobey and this slave is about to find that out the hard way! Mistress knows this slave hates to work out so she is going to make him do just that! Mistress commands him to squat then makes him hold his squatting position causing his legs to ache, but Mistress commands him to remain in that position. She shoves the panties in his mouth as he struggles. After all, it’s Mistress’ panties that he so desperately craved and look at the trouble that’s got him into. Next, Mistress orders him to start doing press ups as she beats him. The slave collapses onto the floor as the pain is too much for him, both from Mistress’ beating as well as the strain on his arms, but Mistress demands he get up and do jumping jacks before beating his cock. By the time Miss Lady Ashley is done with him, you can be sure he’ll think twice before ever disobeying his Mistress again!

Date: April 5, 2023