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Mistress Kawaii – Quarantined With The Furniture Slave


Being quarantined can be very long and drawn out. Being stuck at home isn’t really anything new for me. I spend most my days at home relaxing, but now my human furniture slave is here with me for good and he’s not going anywhere. He’s just lay there as I use him for the only thing he’s god for. My human seat. My big juicy ass is firmly planted on his face and he’s stuck. The only way he can breathe is if I move up. My new leggings are making my ass look superb but sitting on his face with them is the true test. I like my ass to move a way that can pin my slaves face in my butt cheeks so he can’t move easily. I think they’re perfect. He’s struggling to not pass out because I’m so heavy on top of him. His comfort doesn’t matter. Only mine.

Date: March 29, 2023
Actors: Mistress Kawaii