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Mistress Iside – Carnage Balls


Since with good recommendations nothing is achieved I will move on now to the hard way and the term hard it’s not a random word. This slave’s balls soon will receive something that will make him regret bitterly about all the time spent fantasizing with his cock in the hands, my powerful kicks are in fact about to crumble his balls until they become completely black and absolutely unable to produce anything else cum !!! The pig wears a mask that best suits his behavior and now that he has been tied up with his balls well exposed he begins to rethink all those habits that led him to suffer such a terrible punishment. I begin to charge the first kicks in an absolutely resolute way with the only intent of causing him unique suffering. He knows well his destiny and despite he tries desperately to cling to my afterthought he understands that the final kick is now near and it will put an end to all his lust!!!

Date: April 30, 2023
Actors: Mistress Iside