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Mistress Gaia – Juicy Ass Opener


Today I ‘m going to enjoy giving my bitch some slut training. As you can see he ‘s appropriately dressed , and I ‘m going to give him a good ass fucking. I have him in the sling with his arms and legs tightly bound. As I raise him up his ass is going to be at a nice height for me to have some fun. I have told him I need obedience , and his training will be painful , of course that ‘s why he ‘s here and I want him to suffer for me. I begin with some gentle pushes as I work my strapon into his butt hole. He lets out a yelp , and squeals as I begin to ram my cock fully into his ass. I continue to fuck him and he begs for mercy , not today… He is going to be trained and I ‘m having so much fun with my bitch. He ‘s making a lot of noise , and I think I know a good way to shut him up. I have a nice pink gag that I place in his mouth , also a small dildo to hand. As he can ‘t close his mouth properly , I tell him he ‘s going to enjoy my little treat , and he chokes and gargles as I shove the rubber dildo deep into the back of his throat. What a blast!! He can ‘t breathe properly as I order him to keep the dildo in his mouth. It ‘s a great training session , and my slut is learning what it means to enjoy being ass fucked with my juicy ass opener

Date: April 4, 2023
Actors: Mistress Gaia