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Mistress Gaia – Choking You With My Feet


Today I prepared my slut for good, hands and feet tied together, the torso secured to a column, and he wears a harness to which I have attached a leash … in this way I have maximum control over him.He loves my feet, he would do anything for them so I decided to make them his hell ahahahahaInitially I put my toes in his mouth and then slowly I make my way, more and more lunge up to give him retching.I want to test my slave’s stamina by shoving my foot down his throat and holding him there for a minute … the slut is choking, making some weird noises, but I don’t really give a fuck, until the minute is up I take out my foot.Then a few seconds of pause and again I choke him … I enjoy too much in hearing the moans caused by my torment, I talk to him but he cannot answer ahahahahaExhausted, I allow him to kiss my feet to thank them for the attention they have given him and then I leave him tied up there … ready to be tormented again …

Date: April 11, 2023
Actors: Mistress Gaia