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Mistress Ezada Sinn, Madame Moiselle – Double fun with the multi-purpose gag


This guinea pig of a slave is here so My friend Mademoiselle de S can demonstrate a wonderful new multi-attachment gag She’s brought to the dungeon today. With the slave’s wrists handcuffed behind the back and his balls chain leashed to the metal truss, he’s going to stay firmly in place as We try all these wonderful accessories. The toilet paper holder looks interesting, but maybe We can find a better use for it. The ashtray attachment is cute, but could it replace the slave’s mouth as a dump for My ash and cigarette butts? And can the slave hold a full glass on the serving tray at the necessary height without spilling it? Finally, the boot brush is very amusing, let’s hope it’s also practical as well. After so much testing, too bad if the slave’s neck muscles become weak and sore, as this is how I like My men: naked, gagged, useful, and in pain.

Date: April 4, 2023