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Mistress Courtney – Slave For Miss


My slave is spending the afternoon serving Me. I love feeling the sun on My face but he says he is cold! Well I know how I will warm him up… with some forrced exercise! Lets see how many pushups he can do as I rest My boot on his back! Now My slave, light a cigarette for Me and inspect my very muddy wellies. It will be your job to clean them and I expect you to have them sparkling. your tongue will be used to clean that mud and to eat My ASH when it is ready. Feel those hot embers on your tongue but don’t worry the mud will be there to cool you down… I expect you to do your chores properly or you will be punished. Today you have failed to clean the dried mud from My boots so I will punish you with the boots. Take My kicks, feel them as I trample your back. Next time you will do better, I have no use for useless slaves. I want to train you to be the perfect slave for Me.

Date: May 27, 2023