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Miss Raquel Roper – A Sadist’s Leg Day Ft Miss Roper


Most people dread leg day, but I love it. If more people did leg day like I do, I believe they would come to enjoy it. Love it. Eagerly looking forward to making a slave spread their own legs and delivering swift kicks and knees to their balls. However in my workout, I don’t simply work out my legs and knees. I use my ****, my long piercing nails to squeeze and dig into a slave’s sack. I use the Encouraged and power of my entire body to burst a slave’s balls. I find pleasure in every minute of it. Sending a slave on his knees, to the floor, groaning in pain and dismay. To me? To me leg day, is the best day.

Date: May 9, 2023
Actors: Ruby Onyx