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Miss Luxmi – PUMPED and WEDGED


I kept his balls pumped for some time before the clip started. I’m now going to do this often. I want them big and swelled! They get that way naturally after I have stomped them but why not before too. I play around with his balls at the start for a few minutes, sizing them up, then stomp them. The sound of wood on wood with balls in between is lovely. I walk all over his dick and balls without care then take turns standing 1 legged on his balls and dick. His balls continue getting flattened and stomped afterwards. I jump on it a couple of times then work his dick as I press on his balls. There were a few pauses because I had to clean up the mess he made as usual but he’s always a good slave after being disciplined. I demanded to see pink cum and he did not disappoint.

Date: May 10, 2023
Actors: Miss Luxmi