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Maya Sin – Slave put through CBT trials to prove his worthiness


To become Maya Sin’s SLAVE you have to undergo a thorough screening process. It’s not only the character traits like DEVOTION and the acceptance of FEMALE SUPREMACY that you need to have, you also have to endure PAIN for her. Today’s candidate thinks he has what it takes. I am going to put him to the test. He endures pain without wincing or screaming. So far so good. But I need to take precautions for what is to come, therefore I shackle his hands behind his back. When the BALLBUSTING starts, he clearly is in pain. Good thing he is shackled, it is futile to try to avoid more kicks. What a pathetic excuse for a man.I degrade him further by face slapping him, spitting on him and ridiculing him for his inability to take the pain I inflict him with…

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Maya Sin