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Marissa Sweet – Coworker Catches You Staring


This is a custom video and is tailored to the individual, the script reads as followed: [clothing]: slim button up shirt with straight bottom, worn inside your jeans at beginning of the scene (long enough to cover your navel, but when you rise your arms up it shows your belly), low raise jeans (no shorts no belts), barefoot in flip flops, g-string –[scene]: you are sitting on chair, crossing your legs, doing some office work at your desk with your office co-worker (imaginary, look at the camera), checking last things of a work project –this is a hard job and after a while you become tired and yawn, so you begin to do a lot of stretching poses while working, both sitting then standing up, like stretch arms up and down over your head, stretch legs and arch feet, arch your back and so on, your g-string, normally covered by your pants, becomes visible (whaletail) when you pose. You have to finish the work, but your coworker notices that, he likes your body and he’s addicted of it–you like when someone stares at you and when you realize this, you tease him with your sexy moves. Camera should be put in such a way to show always full body, possibly at your side, don’t do close up, no strip or masturbation content, simply light tease and sexy moves, no music, only normal audio. Want to show me love and make me smile?

Date: March 30, 2023
Actors: Marissa Sweet