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Madam Director – Jacob and Lola – I Keep My Step-Son in Chastity


Thank you for watching my parenting vlog! I promise to give my viewers lots of good advice and tips for raising their sons and daughters right. Today, I’ve invited my step-son to join me. I want to demonstrate for my viewers how I keep him locked in chastity. There are many reasons to keep your college-aged sons and daughters locked. We all admit that we do not want our offspring getting into trouble while they are away at school. Step-Mommy isn’t always around to make sure that he is focusing on his studies. I don’t want my step-son getting a young lady pregnant or anything that he isn’t ready for. Sex can ruin a young person’s future. That’s why I keep my boy locked and I hold the key. There’s no way he can get distracted by a young woman while Step-Mother has him locked in a steel device. I always keep the key around my neck, right next to my husband’s. I think that my step-son does understand that it’s for his own good that step-mommy keeps him locked up tight while he’s away at school. College is expensive, and I want him to remain focused on his education. I lock my step-son up because I love him. I want to take care of him. I want him to study hard and get a good job. I don’t want him chasing after silly sluts. I control my step-son’s sexuality completely. Even his masturbation habits. Once a semester, when he’s home, I do unlock him and let him masturbate into the toilet. Just at the mention of his once a semester orgasm my step-son starts dripping on my hands. Boys are such messy creatures, and don’t us moms know it! Moms, don’t worry about chastity seeming too extreme or strict. A good boy knows that step-mommy controls him out of love.

Date: May 3, 2023
Actors: Lola