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Lady Iveta – Lady Katharinas Shoe Servant


Lady Katharina is young, beautiful and she loves to wear high heel shoes near every day! Her shoes are getting dirty if she wear them on the streets, especially the soles! Lady Katharina doesn’t like that but it is unavoidable. A nice way to get the street dirt off the soles is to order a slave to lick them clean so she commands her devoted slave at her mercy forcing him to use his tongue as a rag for her sexy high heel shoes! While her slave is crawling on the floor for licking the street dirt off the soles of his Goddess elegant shoes Lady Katharina takes care of her finger nails. Sometimes she is watching down at her slave with an arrogant expression on her face and a smile on her lips. She just enjoys being worshipped and served!

Date: April 6, 2023
Actors: Lady Katharina