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KO Queens Wrestling – Draining Spider Man


Things haven’t been going Spidey’s way as of late, as he’s been more of a zero than a hero in his bouts. Today he’s cleaning his home, making his bed..minding his own business. Suddenly, Miss Merlot appears seemingly from nowhere! Spider-man left the door unlocked…She comes in quite confident and frankly states she has arrived to rob Spidey of his DNA and drain him completely! Spider-man is confident he won’t let this happen and challenges her to a duel, even giving her the first shot. This was his first mistake as she easily takes him town and plants him face-first on the bed. Miss Monica gives his back a nice crunch then follows with a body scissor, quite possibly cracking a rib or two. At this point Spidey is almost rendered useless. She follows by taunting with a face sit and requesting his “little spidey’s” The punishment continues with a head scissor and more until finally Spider-man gives in.She eventually knocks him out, but this time when he comes to he begs for her to stop. Spidey states he will do whatever she wants if she stops the torment, even if it means draining himself for her evil plan. To make sure this isn’t a plan to escape, Miss Monica wraps her leg around his throat while he undoes his zipper and gives her what she wants. Spider-man ‘ arrives’ and is completely drained of himself. Sapped of all his strength and insides he is fully immobilized, not to mention the mess he made on his spider-suit..Leaving Miss Monica ready and able to collect her ‘mini spidey’s’ for her evil deed..

Date: May 15, 2023