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Kiffafeet – Goddess Kiffa – Goddess Grazi and Mandy – Couple Foot worship and lick cum of feet EP 2


Goddess Kiffa and Goddess Grazi are training her female slave, Mandy. They let her on her knees, and say that they are going out for dinner, and Mandy has to clean the house while they are out.But, Mandy is a little naughty, and disobeys her Goddesses. She calls her boyfriend, instead of cleaning the house. She wants to have fun with her boyfriend. They make out a lot, feeling their skin. They take their clothes off.Suddenly, The goddesses arrive and catch them making out! Now they will have to be disciplined! The goddesses bondage them and make him worship the slave`s feet, while she is disciplined with female orgasm control by the goddesses, with a Hitashi vibrator. She cums and got her orgasm denied a lot of times.Finally, they discipline them both. The slave`s boyfriend has to worship Goddess Grazi feet while she looks at it! They have to worship the goddesses feet, while they look at each other, in a very sexy scene! The goddesses make them kiss each other with their big toe in the middle.In the final scene, they made the slave`s boyfriend jerk off to their feet, while she worshipped their feet, and she licks the cum of their feet. Such a sexy scene!

Date: April 22, 2023
Actors: Goddess Kiffa