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HumiliationPOV – Princess Miss London Lix – For Extreme Clip Bingers Only, Goon And Get Reckless


This clip is for extreme bingers only. I’m not talking about the guy who’s bought five clips one time, or followed through on a ten clip demand from a bratty princess. No. I’m talking about you. Guys like you who love to goon, who get off on loading up your cart with clip after clip, you get off on that almost as much as you do watching the clips themselves. Binging to you is like foreplay, it’s foreplay for your cock and your wallet. You’re going shopping for your cock and you love it, you’re not going to hold back, you’re going on a shopping spree. You’re going to spoil that cock, aren’t you?

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Miss London Lix