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HumiliationPOV – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Brainwashed Pillow Humper


Hyp n0 Domme Alexandra Snow! You’re going to be my little toy today. And you are such an eager toy. So I want you to relax. Let your eyes go soft, let your body go limp. Feel yourself melt. It’s so easy to let go when you listen 2 the sound of my voice. So easy to give me complete control of your mind. Listen intently as I count you down, and with each number, you are going to go deeper… Deeper and deeper… Feel the edges of your mind begin to unwrap.. Feel your subconscious giving me control. You are going to do exactly as I say. I’m going to turn you into a brainwashed pillow humper. From now on, whenever you get horny, you won’t want to jerk off, you are going to want to hump your pillow. You’re going to want to hump it over and over again until you cum. You’re going to want to fuck your pillow in all kinds of new positions. The urge to hump your pillow when you become horny will be uncontrollable. So take your pillow, your new lover and get ready 2 hump it. You feel the urge to hump now, it is so powerful. And once u begin humping, it is going to cement in your brain forever, this need to hump your pillow. Get up on your knees and straddle your pillow and begin humping. Humping away as I show you exactly what to do, exactly how to hump. Grinding your cock into your pillow. It feels so good, you cannot stop. You will do it because I am commanding you to. You can’t fight it. You are deep under my spell. You begin to mindlessly hump your pillow. Feel your cock getting harder and harder. Slow at first, then faster and faster, harder and harder. Give it to your pillow. Hump, hump, hump, this is the only way you’re going 2 receive pleasure from now on. I’m turning u into a mindless pillow humping zombie.

Date: April 1, 2023