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HumiliationPOV – Bratty School Girl Forced Bi Fantasy


Something about that school girl look has always turned you on so much. You’re sooo horny for me in this schoolgirl outfit. I know it. And the only thing that turns you on more is when she has a bratty attitude. You love staring up my cute, plaid skirt at my perfect ass in pink panties. It makes you so stupid, you gawk like a perv. I am your ultimate fantasy. Just look at me loser. I know how much you want me and I’m going to use it to own you.When I put my perfect pussy in your face accentuated by these stockings, you just go completely mindless. I’m your school girl dream come true. What would you do for me? Would you eat your own cum for me? Is there nothing I can’t make you do dressed like this? Would you suck a dick for your schoolgirl if I was there in the room ‘forcing’ you? I know you fantasize about it, and I know right now I’ve got you so mesmerized, you’d do it for me.See not only do you love schoolgirls, but you love cock. Your brain is so twisted. You have so many dark secrets. Everybody already knows you love schoolgirls, I mean who doesn’t? But you love cock. You want it so bad. The thought of a threesome with me dressed as a school girl and some hung stud, makes you so hard.I want you to practice sucking cock so we can make your fantasies come true. It turns me on too, ‘forced bi’. I think it would be so hot to watch you. You’re so hungry for cock but you’re afraid. You’re afraid that once you suck dick they’ll be no going back. You won’t want girls anymore. However, I’m going to make it easy for you.You’ll always think girls are pretty, but it’s really cock you crave. And you want to please me and you want to fulfill your dark fantasies. I know there’s some fucked up sh it going on in your brain. And I can’t wait to expose and exploit you, you sick fuck.

Date: April 5, 2023