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Humiliation POV – Mandy Marx – Compulsive Masturbator Psychoanalyst


Mandy Marx is your psychoanalyst and she uses some incredible subliminal audio and visual triggers that will melt your brain and help you with your problem. Come in and make yourself comfortable. Now what are we here for? Well with compulsions there are some natural things. There are the habits that you form and sometimes it’s more the stroke of luck that you have. (Stroke). Is there something that you want to change? I can tell you what you want to hear about what you might have and what you are but that’s just not what I’m interested in. I’m interested in what you actually want. Not the words coming out of your mouth, but the spaces between the words. And fighting something like this all own your own can be a losing battle. (Loser.)Oh I’m just taking off my shirt because I want to help you with what you want instead of what you think you have. I don’t think you just chose me at random, it wasn’t just a stroke of luck that you ended up here. (Stroke.) Was it? So let’s get down to business. (On your knees.) Put your hand on your cock, go on stroke it. It’s ok, don’t look so shocked. If you didn’t want to do it, the moment the mere suggestion came out of my mouth you probably would have been out the door. But you didn’t pick me on accident. And I don’t just let any patient come in on accident either. This is a really serious disorder and I’m afraid if you were trying to fix this on your own and you stumbled into another office, well let’s just say it would be a losing battle. (Loser.) Keep stroking. What is that? That little thing you’re doing? You’re like twitching and convulsing. Do you feel nervous when I get close? It looks like your chest tightens a little bit. What if I get real close and pant in your ear? That’s what you sound like. You’re breathing so heavy.Now that I have your full attention, I want you to get really close for me. If you get really close for me just this one time, I’ll give you a real opportunity to decide if you want to keep going. I know that right now you feel a little stuck, like you can’t take your hand off of your cock. Get really close for me. Now stop! Oh look, you’re twitching again. It’s really hard to stop, isn’t it? I told you I would give you the opportunity, do you want to stop or do you want to keep going? (You wanna keep going.) Stroke your cock again for me. Stroke and now you’re getting really close and I start to get really close and you start to get nervous. I just want you to whisper little things to me. This isn’t like normal psychoanalysis, it’s so much easier than that. (You’re so easy.) Stroke it nice and fast for me. Now I’m going to ask you a couple of question about how you jerkoff, ok? You can do that, right? Just keep stroking and whisper out your answers to my questions. (Keep stroking.) If you get too close just stop yourself. Good boy, now keep going. Now first question, How many times a day do you watch porn? And also how often do you jerkoff to porn? Very good, I’ll make note of that. Now when you’re ‘gooning’ (Goon boy), how long do you usually goon for? Hmmm ok, wow. Now what I hear you saying is that you keep using words like ‘can’t stop’. But do you consider yourself addicted? (Addict) Do you feel like you have a porn addiction? (Porn addict) More of a goon addiction? It’s ok to not have the answers, I’ll find them out alright. Now this time I want you to get a little bit closer but not cum yet, ok? I have a little bit more information to retrieve. Now when you’re gooning do you have one screen open or multiple screens with a bunch of different porn playing at once? Just a question, not a suggestion. Although it could be. Keep stroking for me. The most successful treatment that I have come up with is something called a Countdown. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before, I’m going to lead you through it. Ok? Very good. All you have to do is keep stroking your cock. Stroke your cock and listen to my voice. Good boy. And when I start to count backwards from ten to one, we’re slowly working our way towards an orgasm, ok? You keep stroking your cock as I count you down and then you’re gonna get just a little release, an orgasm. 10… No matter how addicted you feel (addict), 9… I just want you for the time being to keep watching porn. (Porn addict) 8, 7, 6… The only thing you need to do until our next session is to keep watching porn addiction clips, we’re gonna watch them and we’re gonna cum in 5, 4, 3, 2, (Porn addict) 1… Cum for me. I will need to see you again really soon.

Date: May 15, 2023
Actors: Mandy Marx