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Humiliation POV – Alix Lynx – This Clip Is For Alpha Men Only


This clip is for alpha males only. LOL! But not really though because there are absolutely no fucking alpha’s on this site. LOL! And you clicked on this video because somehow you think that you’re still an alpha. Well your brain must be broken because alpha’s don’t come to websites like this. They don’t even know they exist. But you saw the title of this video and somehow thought it was for you, because you’re ‘still an alpha’, and you thought yourself worthy of watching this clip lol! You fucking idiot! You are not an alpha! You really are pathetic. Men who think they are alpha’s, but clearly aren’t, are some of the most pathetic men out there.So you think you’re an alpha? Well why don’t you go ahead and take your cock out. Oh, you’re already jerking off? Hmmm so you’re an alpha jerking off to a femdom clip right now? Alpha men don’t jerkoff to femdom clips! And do you wanna know why? Alpha men don’t watch femdom clips, they are out getting pussy. They look for the next hot girl to fuck, they don’t go home each night waiting to see what new femdom clips there are. So you see, alpha men don’t need to be doing what you’re doing right now. I want you to stroke your cock to my tight body. You can handle that, can’t you? Yes you can, can’t you? Are you jerking it? You are, aren’t you? And that means you are obeying me. Do you think that alpha men are obedient? But you’re an alpha, right? But yet you’re obeying me and jerking to me and losing your mind over my porn star body as you goon yourself stupid lol. But you still think that you’re an alpha. Well let me tell you, alpha men don’t obey, they don’t take instructions. They lead and they don’t need instructions. They don’t need to be told to jerkoff. I know you’re over there jerking off to my big fucking titties. I know you can’t stop. I want you to jerk until you start to goon. Oh yea, that’s a good ‘alpha’ lol! Goon for me. LOL you fucking idiot! Alpha men do not goon. You see if you were a real alpha, you’d be over there with the volume off thinking about fucking me. You wouldn’t want to hear my femdom dialogue. You’d be like, ‘Damn I’d love to fuck that.’ He wouldn’t be over there gooning like some freak. Alpha men don’t goon! Go on idiot, goon to me, goon to my perfect body. ‘I love gooning, I’m just a dumb little beta, I’m a beta who thinks I’m an alpha.’ Yea that’s right, go on, goon to me, loser. Pump that fucking cock. I know you can’t stop. You’re a little chronic masturbator. You’re not an alpha. I want you to cum for me, cum for my perfect body. LOL! You fucking beta! Only betas jerkoff to femdom porn. And the fact that you still think you’re an alpha makes you an even bigger loser! LOL! Were you thinking about fucking me while you jerked that gooner cock to me? Of course you were, ‘alpha’. LOL!

Date: May 26, 2023
Actors: Alix Lynx