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Goddess Zenova – Obedient Mindless Drone 2


Your Dark Goddess is back. That’s right here I am, putting my thoughts directly into your mind now. Did you miss Me? I know you did. That is why I’m back, I can feel your need, your need for Me to be so DEEP inside your mind. The time has come for you to surrender once again, to become My obedient mindless drone. My words will work there way so DEEP inside you, DEEPER than ever before. Back into those dark places where you keep your deepest darkest fantasies. Penetrating to places so DEEP that even when you’re done listening to Me I’ll still be so DEEP inside you. You will surrender completely to become My Obedient Mindless Drone. Thats right, you will surrender.

Date: March 29, 2023
Actors: Goddess Zenova