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Goddess Penelope – Fetish Queen – OVER STIMULATED GOON LOOP


This is the ultimate MINDFUCK you can’t live without! I know exactly how you like to goon, you like to goon hard and you like to goon fast. Join Me in this goon loop until I’ve completely taken over your senses, and you’re over stimulated with your cock in your hand jerking uncontrollably as I command you to keep pumping like the horny slut that you are! My Mesmerising vocals, multiple clones and DEEP BREATHING exercises will have you gooning and edging your hard dick non stop until you’re a brainless zombie. Immersing you into My loop of no escape, pumping techno and vibrant vidid colours I’m going to have you completely over stimulated you won’t know where you are or who you are anymore, all you know is that you need to STROKE, INHALE and EXHALE.You won’t ever want to stop! Get in your goon cave turn off the lights, put on your headphones, get some lube and get ready to forget the real world.

Date: March 30, 2023