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Goddess Lindsey – Desperate Gooner


Cling to that gooner library of yours as your cock begins to get sore. This is the life you’re accustomed to, you’re used to being such a desperate little man. My tight body is just a painful yet sexy reminder of all that you’ll never be. you’ll never be man enough to have Me, you’ll always be the gooner stroking on his knees. What I see you as is all you are! Drilling these words into your head as I let you pump your cock, you whimper as always but something is different this time. It’s like it finally clicked deep enough, you won’t be able to turn off this feeling. you’ll pump all night every night as you continue to add more and more clips to your gooner library. It’s all you have. use codes IWANT markUP

Date: May 26, 2023
Actors: Goddess Lindsey