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Goddess Kaylie – Footboy Loser Training


You’re a loser. You get that, right? That means that you don’t deserve to enjoy women’s bodies. BUT if there was a part suitable for you to stare at and stroke for, it’d be feet. The trouble is that there are often other things visible when a woman’s feet are in view…So today we’re going to do a little training. My feet and My ass will be visible, but you’re going to focus entirely on My feet. You’re going to learn that just because My ass is visible, that doesn’t mean you get to look at it! No. You stay focused and keep your loser eyes where they belong: on My feet.It’ll be a challenge, but training your eyes to stay locked on feet and ignore ass, legs, and other sights you’re unworthy of will help you to be a better loser. So FOCUS.

Date: March 31, 2023
Actors: Goddess Kaylie