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Goddess Chanel HD clips – sterility kicks


Mistres Zahra and me had a fairly new slave over to a clip shooting. He is both just so desperate to please us. LOL! We love that. Take notes, all you other slaves. This slave didn’t say “I want”- he said “What do YOU want, Goddes”! So me n Mistres Zahra decided to ballbust this guy. Even though he is not “into” ballbusting- I don’t care!!) This is about our entertainment, not what he wants! And a true slave only want to serve and please us. ) So this loser obediently lays on the floor with his legs spread for us! Ready to take kick after kick. We had so much fun kicking this guy that that it really wouldn’t matter when this guy gets sterile from all these hard kicks. We even enjoy using the slaves face as a seat while we torture his genitals with our high heels! Not only is this loser unable to call out for mercy, his legs are forceably held open by one of us Mistress so there is truely no escape! Haha!

Date: April 12, 2023
Actors: Mistres Zahra