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Goddess Bella Park – Your Genes End Here – Masturbation instruction


Poor loser. Everyday you desire the unattainable that you jerk off to every single night. It’s no secret that you’re incapable of pleasing a woman sexually, but have you accepted that you’ll always be a sexless loser for life? You’re unable to have the sweet pussy that was inevitably going to be denied from you the moment you entered this world. Blocked from reproducing, never being able to share your intimate moments with another woman. The only sex life you will ever have is jerking off to your screen as you’re laughed at for being a pussyless reject. You stroke and pay hot woman to mock you for your sexual inadequacies as you cum to the sight of panty covered pussy. You and I both know that this is the only way you’ll get close to pussy, although you’ll never be able to physically know the extent of what you’re missing out on. This is the only way you will fully accept that you’ll always be a sexless loser that was destined to fuck your hand. Face it, your lineage stops right here. You weren’t made to contaminate the gene pool for reproduction. Keep fucking your hand to what you’ll always be denied from.

Date: March 29, 2023