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Goddess Alexandra Snow – How to Come Out to Your Wife


Come in, and sit down. I want to hear about how your week went. We’ve been doing these counseling sessions for a while now and I want to hear about your progress. I feel like you’ve been really coming to terms with your sexuality. I know you’re married to a woman, but many men come out as gay later on in life. Society expects you to marry a woman so it’s no surprise many gay men don’t realize they’re gay until they’re much older. This is okay.I want to talk you through how you’re going to come out to your wife. I know you have a lot of anxiety around this so we’re going to have a special NLP style counseling session today to really work through that anxiety. Who knows? Your wife might actually be okay with this? Plenty of women love to watch gay men having sex. You could get lucky.But you’re not going to be able to talk to her unless you really admit these feelings to yourself. Let me help you.

Date: April 3, 2023