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Filth Fetish Studios – Princess Brooke – What Smells WORSE My Feet Or MY FARTS


The scene begins with Brooke studying for a test! She has her PERFECT FEET stretched out towards the camera with her slave underneath them! She begins cupping her SMELLY TOES over his nose and demanding he SNIFF in and out! After that she begins DRAGGING HER FEET up and down his face making him CLEAN her soles and LICK BETWEEN HER DIRTY TOES! Brooke gets bored with his whimpering and just PRESSES BOTH FEET DOWN ON HIS FACE to shut him up! Her BIG FEET cover his face from chin to forehead!The second half of the video, Brooke decides she needs A BREAK FROM STUDYING! Without telling her slave what is about to happen, she DROPS ONTO HIS FACE and begins to SMOTHER HIM WITH HER SMELLY ASS! Her thick ass cheeks JIGGLE on his face as she bounces up and down and rocks back and forth. she even lets out some VERY LOUD FARTS that rocket over her slaves face bathing him in her stink! There is no escape as he is made to SMELL EVERYTHING that comes from her GLORIOUS ASS!

Date: April 4, 2023
Actors: Princess Brooke