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Filled Request – Goddess Chloe, Goddess Dylan – Bratty Chastity Tease And Denial


Goddess Chloe and Goddess Dylan catch this stupid chronic masturbator jerking off again! OMG he just can’t keep his hands off his dick. He’s so pathetic. So they’re going to lock this loser up in chastity like he deserves. Chloe puts his little dick in chastity. He begs not to be locked up but it’s too late. But he’s so lucky to be put in chastity by these two hot brats. This is such a fantasy for so many guys.Now he can’t touch his pathetic dick while these two gorgeous girls tease him with their hot bodies while they laugh and giggle at him. Chloe teases him with the key as he begs for release that will never come. He wants to jerk so bad, he begs and begs as they laugh at him. His little penis gets so hard in the cage. He’s got two hot girls mocking him and there’s nothing he can do but sit there and take it. Some guys might find this to be torture, some of you will think it’s so hot, wishing it was you!They can’t stop laughing at him and verbally humiliating him as they giggle and continue to tease him with their hot bodies, dressed only in bras and panties. He, like you other losers, jerks off way too much and needs to be taught self control. They let him know that real men aren’t chronic masturbators and don’t need to be locked up in chastity. Real men have big cocks, unlike his, lol! His small cock is so fucking pathetic! That’s why he jerks off so much, because no girl wants that small cock!They tell him that he’s going to be locked up for a week and if he complains it will be a month! So the loser shuts his stupid mouth. But he wants to touch it so bad, he starts to stroke his cage. They make him beg and beg as they tell him No, over and over again

Date: April 15, 2023